Potters in Protest - March 11th, 2019 by Abbie Zuidema

A Charity Event by Helen Levi and Vinegar Hill House.

Monday, March 11th, VHH will be hosting a charity event dinner-Potters in Protest. This sumi ink painting was created especially for this occasion. I am happy to donate my work to a great cause! Seatings are available from 6pm to 9pm. You can buy tickets HERE.

“As people who give a shit, we are coming together in an effort to support organizations who stand for human rights.  We will be gathering for a humble meal of beans and homemade bread by Rick Easton to eat out of your chosen ceramic bowl, graciously donated from ceramicists around the country.  Wine will be provided by Wenzlau Vineyards.

Proceeds will be donated to the organizations UnLocal and Showing Up For Racial Justice

vhh bowls sumi ink.jpg

APIECE APART collab with Jean Adamson of Vinegar Hill House NYC by Abbie Zuidema

Watermelon salad! Summer watercolor painting collab with Apiece Apart, recipe by chef/owner Jean Adamson of Vinegar Hill House.

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By Their Fruits~$60K for Planned Parenthood! by Abbie Zuidema

WE DID IT!!! Together we raised more than $60K for Planned Parenthood. This was possible because of YOU. Thank you for donating, bidding, and sharing. This is a true representation of what we’re capable of when we come together for a common cause.

I had the pleasure to be included with a number of incredible women artists in By Their Fruits.

This auction was a nonprofit coalition of female artists in support of women’s reproductive rights. This auction featured works of electrifying talent and extraordinary creativity by the likes of Ellen von Unwerth, Pamela Hanson, Andrea Gentl, and more. Proceeds go directly to support the imperative work of Planned Parenthood.

Father's Day! Sailors Nautical Knots! by Abbie Zuidema

Father's Day, Sunday, June 15th, is right around the corner. 

Dads are notoriously the most difficult to buy for. Nautical knots are perfect gift!  They are fascinating. From the names of the individual knots, history, meaning & their function-I'm hooked.

I discovered The Ashley's Book of Knots, an incredible tome of a book that includes 4,000 knots! It blew my mind.

There are 4 different knots styles to choose from: Figure Eight Stoppers, Bowline, Sheepshank & True Lovers Knot (maybe not for Dad's day, but still quintessential). Or maybe you just need one for yourself.

All 4 knots are available in my Etsy shop. 

Each work on paper is drawn, then traced, then transferred to Fabriano watercolor paper via inkblot technique with India ink.  Individual knots are hand detailed with pen & ink, and finally filled with Dr. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Water Color. 5.5" x 7.5"

*Custom Commissions are available*

Kohl's Summer Brights Servingware by Abbie Zuidema

Introducing KOHL'S "Summer Brights"~

From painting to servingware....

This post begins with an image of the painting that the "Summer Brights" collection is based on.  That work is then translated into plates & bowls & mugs.

I am so pleased to be able to share this newest addition to the porcelain collection.

KOHL'S Summer Brights Dinnerware

Food Network™ KOHL'S Summer Brights 4-pc. Plate Setting

Lingerie Watercolors Prints on Etsy! by Abbie Zuidema

Presenting six select lingerie prints from my watercolor collection, Knickers & Things, available in my Etsy shop. Prints will be available for $35 apiece.

Inspired by the desire to make something beautiful & decadent, this collection is a celebration of materials.  They investigate the intricacies of each garments construction stitch by stitch, simultaneously celebrating the unique personality of each piece.   Traditionally admired by one & then discreetly tucked away in a drawer, in the form a painting, all can admire its beauty.

Framed prints are also available at Bibber & Bell Wine & Spirits in Williamsburg, BK.  Swing by! See some art & sample some delicious wine.

Wishing everyone the best.

Happy Gobble day!


Gobble! Gobble! Mondays Projects by Abbie Zuidema

My friend Nina Lalli of  Mondays Projects asked me to do a collaboration! Love those. She wondered if I would be interested in painting a turkey onto a platter for a special order?  It was a unique request, that we emabarked upon with many failed & hilarious attempts. The end results however were a success! We are both pleased as punch! 

P.s. We are taking orders for this special Turkey Platter~ there are a few people patiently waiting already!

Off to Denali hi ho hi ho! by Abbie Zuidema

Recently I was contacted on Etsy by Natalie who works for the Denali Education Center in Alaska! She wondered if I would be interested in participating in a 18th annual auction this summer.

Yes please!

How cool to send a map to Alaska of Alaska! (it really is the little things that make life good)

A little about the auction:

"The auction is a community event where over 450 people attend both from the Denali Borough of migratory workers, but also Alaskans from all over. We feature local artists and traveling artists who have been here and have works that were inspired by time here."

Today Alask is being mailed to Alaska~Bon voyage & thank you Natalie for the opportunity!


Group show in Williamsburg @Sideshow Gallery! Opening tonight January, 7th 2012 !!! by Abbie Zuidema

I've been invited to add my work to the group show at Sideshow Gallery in Williamsburg. One of my mehndi paintings is framed & hanging! The opening is tonight January 7th, 2012, (unfortunately I will not be able to attend-I am working..)  Josh Goldberg, also has a piece in it, which is exciting to be able to show alongside my husband!

It happens every year & includes a TON of artist from the neighborhood. It's quite an event. The work is hung floor to ceiling french gallery style & everyone comes to see it. The gallery is PACKED. Literally there is someone at the door to limit how many people can go in at one time.  For some reason it always seems to fall on the coldest night of the year... this year it might be different. Should be really fun-check it out if you are in the neighborhood!

Watercolor Mehndi Fragments by Abbie Zuidema


When I make a painting I always test my colors on bits of paper.  I’ve taken those fragments of history & used them as backdrop for my drawing/painting practice.  I have always loved mehndi/henna.  It amazes me-all the individual gestures that work together to become story, a whole.  Mehndi is like handwriting. These paintings are me practicing my handwriting.
Original Watercolor painting
Sunrise Mehndi No.8

*this new series can be seen in my Etsy shop*

Montauk-"the end." by Abbie Zuidema

This is my love letter to Montauk.  Please click on image for a larger version. A little history, a little adventure (sharky) & surfing and some places to check out. I might have to make another map of this place. There is just so much to it!

This is also the map that I submitted to "they draw & travel"  website.  Lilla Rogers, founder of Lilla Rogers Studio, will then have 2 days to review all maps and pick her favorites. On July 27 (at Noon, Eastern Standard Time) winners will be announced on TDAT (and Facebook/Twitter too!)  The grand prize is $1,000 and the 5 runner-ups will each receive $200.They are having a contest to win 2,000.

Wouldn't that be cool?

They draw & travel was also sweet enough to give me a shout out on their blog.  Check it out, it is so nice.