Potters in Protest - March 11th, 2019 by Abbie Zuidema

A Charity Event by Helen Levi and Vinegar Hill House.

Monday, March 11th, VHH will be hosting a charity event dinner-Potters in Protest. This sumi ink painting was created especially for this occasion. I am happy to donate my work to a great cause! Seatings are available from 6pm to 9pm. You can buy tickets HERE.

“As people who give a shit, we are coming together in an effort to support organizations who stand for human rights.  We will be gathering for a humble meal of beans and homemade bread by Rick Easton to eat out of your chosen ceramic bowl, graciously donated from ceramicists around the country.  Wine will be provided by Wenzlau Vineyards.

Proceeds will be donated to the organizations UnLocal and Showing Up For Racial Justice

vhh bowls sumi ink.jpg

APIECE APART collab with Jean Adamson of Vinegar Hill House NYC by Abbie Zuidema

Watermelon salad! Summer watercolor painting collab with Apiece Apart, recipe by chef/owner Jean Adamson of Vinegar Hill House.

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23K Gold Leaf for Walter Foods, Williamsburg BK by Abbie Zuidema

Check out this rad time-lapse video of yours truly captured by longtime (7+years) Walter Foods regular Kirk Balden.  A tremendous thank you to him for literally spending hours filming this. He time-lapsed my process of hand lettering & water gilding 23k gold at the Williamsburg BK restaurant, Walter Foods.  The Mercow looks fabulous!

VHH Foods Dumbo Brooklyn by Abbie Zuidema

VHH Foods & Vinegar Hill House

Red ribbons & logo watercolors for Vinegar Hill House. Happy Holidays!

December is upon us and VHH commissioned me to create custom work to ring in the season!

VHH Foods is an all day cafe in DUMBO with yummy takeaway.  They make delicious food that I always want to eat by Jean Adamson.  Paired with an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline, waterviews & Jane's Carousel, it's an adventure worth having.

Quality food without the formality of fine dining.

happy holidays red bow.jpg



Friend of Farmers~Chef Chase Elder by Abbie Zuidema

FOF jpg Zuidema copy.jpg

Custom branding for Friend of Farmers! Located in Ojai, California.

"Chase Elder is a chef who creates meals that make you feel good about eating, and designs personalized menus to meet all your dietary needs and desires. Her food philosophy is pure, minimally processed food that is thoughtfully prepared at peak season when the plants can truly shine. she finds great benefits in using local, organic, and sustainable product, and believes in the quality of our food directly effecting our health. she is, a friend of farmers."

Let them cook for you at home, for a special event, or teach a class! 

Artist portrait~Randy Ryandi by Abbie Zuidema

Photographer Randy Ryandi recently shot my portrait for his artists series.  Using a Hasselblad & real black and white film, he graced my Bed-stuy studio with his presence.  He's a delight.  Thank you Randy, it was a pleasure.

See more of his work on his website http://randyryandi.com/.  He's not on Instagram - its too mainstream ;)

Mango! Mango! Mango! by Abbie Zuidema

Ode to a family recipe~

Champagne Mangoes are my favorite.  It was a delight to paint & collage these golden fruits. This family recipe was handed down from mother to daughter.  Vivid colors of India enliven ingredients to compose this mouthwatering accompaniment.  This is why I love what I do!

Wowzer! I'm in Manrepeller! by Abbie Zuidema

Celebrating 20+ years of waitressing! The time flew... I'm featured as one of the 5 servers in Man RepellerTelling tales from my times at Aquagrill, Diner, Il Buco, Vinegar Hill House & currently Cherry Point.  Pretty wild to reflect on all those years.

Thanks to Haley Nahman for bringing all the stories together & Man Repeller for the opportunity to tell my tales.  Big thanks to photographer Patrice Helmar for capturing me at Cherry Point.

By Their Fruits~$60K for Planned Parenthood! by Abbie Zuidema

WE DID IT!!! Together we raised more than $60K for Planned Parenthood. This was possible because of YOU. Thank you for donating, bidding, and sharing. This is a true representation of what we’re capable of when we come together for a common cause.

I had the pleasure to be included with a number of incredible women artists in By Their Fruits.

This auction was a nonprofit coalition of female artists in support of women’s reproductive rights. This auction featured works of electrifying talent and extraordinary creativity by the likes of Ellen von Unwerth, Pamela Hanson, Andrea Gentl, and more. Proceeds go directly to support the imperative work of Planned Parenthood.

Huzzah! A Cherry Point Restaurant Recipe Collaboration~ by Abbie Zuidema

Illustration by: Abbie Zuidema

Hey all!
Just submitted this recipe to :They Draw & Cook
Super nice people and a very cool thing to be involved with.
Nate Padavick and Salli S. Swindell are a brother/sister design and illustration team known as Studio SSS. They have created hundreds of magazine and book illustrations, thousands of greeting card designs, and, of course, many super tasty illustrated recipes!

Here is the illustrated recipe and the description.  THIS is what I want to do.  I love food so.

Honey Crisp Apple & Dunbarton Blue Salad

Recipe by: Julian Calcott & Ed Szymanski

This recipe was inspired by Cherry Point Restaurant, a bright star in Brooklyn newcomer eateries. Dreamed up by Julian Calcott & Ed Szymanski of Cherry Point, this salad is deceivingly “simple”.  It was a delight to illustrate all the elements of taste that make up this lips smacking dish.

TDAC make books with many of the submitted illustrations, which informs the layout of the recipe.  Imagine a gutter in the middle of the page for a book.  My map of Montauk was in their book last year of maps, so I know the routine.  You can buy it on Amazon HERE. 

I am excited to make more recipe illustrations with favorite chefs!  More to come . . .

THIS Thursday, July 28th! Picture Farm Gallery Benefit for the South African! by Abbie Zuidema

"South African" 2016, 11x15" watercolor on Fabriano

Friends & Family,  
Mark Beukes, aka the South African, was diagnosed with MDS,
Myelodysplastic Syndromes, and will need a Bone Marrow Transplant.  Yes, this is very serious; but it can be cured with a successful bone marrow transplant and a lot of will power.  A bone marrow transplant is expensive and has a long recovery period (usually a full year) which is why a fund has been created to raise money and support to help cover some of his medical treatment and living expenses.  Click to learn more & contribute to the fund.
THIS Thursday, July 28th, Picture Farm Gallery will be hosting an art auction to benefit Mark Beukes.  There will be an amazing array of art on offer, over 30 local and international artists.  Preview & bid on art before Thursday. 

My contribution was a custom map of South Africa, which is where Mark is from, also why we call him the “South African”.  I teamed up with Mark Firth to come up with some significant spots and memories. They hung out in the Northern suburbs in Sandton and Rosebank, near Johannesburg, but made regular forays into Hillbrow for the night clubs.  Mark and Mark would meet at 2 am at the Hard Rock Cafe after their shifts. South African, as we all call him, attended Wits University, or University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg.  Those years were spent working, smoking pot, and drinking Castle Lager to the album, Cold Fact, by Rodriguez. One can only imagine the kind of mischief those two must have gotten into back in the day!  Ihope that this map celebrates that moment in time, and the South African, before we even met him.  To this day I can’t hear Rodriguez, and not be magically transported back to my Diner days in 2001, and the South African leaning on the bar. 


Extreme Kids & Crew Gala Commission by Abbie Zuidema

Donate to dance! 
When you give to Extreme Kids & Crew you get invited to the Felix Award Gala!
  Extreme Kids & Crew is a welcoming community center where children with disABILITIES, their friends, and their families, socialize, create and play. Together families share resources, stories, tears, and laughter while children play and take part in inclusive arts programming that is open to all members of the family.

May 19th ~ Give to the campaign & GO to the Gala!

Extreme Kids and & Crew enlisted me to design and paint the invitation & banner for the Felix Award Gala.  It was a pleasure to collaborate with them.  I can't wait for the Gala!!

STARBUCKS~Huge India Ink watercolor Maps! by Abbie Zuidema

Starbucks ~ Thrilling news!!!  
Biggest project to date!!
Starbucks enlisted me to paint 3 large scale maps of coffee growing regions:  Asia/Pacific, Africa and Indonesia. These large scale watercolor maps are 3 x 3 feet big.  

Each letter, and all the writing on these map was done by my hand.  Each stroke of the pen reflects who I am as an artist. As a result, the lettering is highly expressive with a distinctly unique style.

The Sumatran tiger was completed using Inkblot technique, creating the markings on the coat and face.  Inkblot creates an expressive uncontrolled mark. It's incredibly laborious but well worth the effort, resulting in deep, rich, expressive lines.  This technique was the finishing touch on all the maps created for Starbucks.

The maps will be installed in Starbucks across the country.

{Details of these paintings can be seen at abbiezuidema.com}


They Draw and Travel-100 maps & a brand new book! by Abbie Zuidema

"In 2011, the brother-and-sister design duo of Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell founded the website They Draw & Travel (www.theydrawandtravel.com). Today, it is the internet’s largest collection of illustrated maps created by artists from around the world.

This book contains 100 illustrated maps of places in the United States that were drawn by the fine artists, professional illustrators and amateur doodlers who make up the very creative community on They Draw & Travel. The illustrated maps in this book provide inspiration on many levels.

From a purely artistic standpoint, the variety of illustration styles is amazing. From the cool linework of James Gulliver Hancock and the painterly style of Abbie Zuidema to the sharp graphics of Nate Padavick and the cuteness of Aunyarat Watanabe, the illustrations in this book are a great reference for exceptional style and talent.

As a travelogue, these maps provide a fresh way to look at and learn about a particular place: through the eyes of an artist. Do you know where to go for a really great bike ride in Vermont? Did you know there are 36 places to eat cashew chicken in the town of Springfield, Missouri? Or, how about all the great things to do with kids in Los Angeles? This book takes armchair travel to a whole new artistic level!"

(thank you Nate Padavick, I couldn't have said it better myself!)

Get your copy on Amazon.com!  Perfect for a holiday gift!

Neil Young-Flash back Friday by Abbie Zuidema

Back in 2005, I was asked by Williamsburg Diner regular Justin Lowe to contribute a painting to a group show at Printed Matter in Manhattan. The inspiration was Neil Young's patterned liner notes from the album "On the Beach". I took the pattern of the liner notes, and overlaid a portrait of cream being poured into the baked eggs. The "baked eggs" were a play on words and reference to the time the albums was made, 1974. It was the 70's and lots of people were getting "baked". Eggs are just plain wholesome & part of the fabric of our diet, as is the cream being poured into the dish. So it created a visual juxtapose of that moment of time in history. And I listened to a lot of Neal Young which is always good.  I still love this painting.

"Baked Eggs", 12x12", Watercolor, English Breakfast Tea, Gesso, India Ink on Fabriano Paper, 2005

Westjet - a Canadian commission honoring a brother. by Abbie Zuidema

My friend Joelle Hann asked me to paint a very special commission.  It was a thank you map for Westjet Airlines. They flew her for 16 months unlimited from New York City to Canada.  So that she could be with her brother and his family while he underwent chemo. It would also commemorate that special window of time they shared.

 “Yesterday Bill, my brother, would have turned 40. This morning I landed in Vancouver to spend a week with his wife, and kids Sammie, 7, and Alex, 8.

This time I bring with me my "thank you" gift for WestJet, the company Bill flew for, who very generously--incredibly, really--flew me from New York to Victoria as often as I needed while Bill was sick. That's 16 months of flights. They never said no. In fact, they said there is no limit.

They are directly responsible for all the extra time I got with Bill. Because of them I got to know Bill again as an adult. I got to know his wife and kids. West Jet was key in bringing my brother and me together again before he passed. It is a gift I can't repay. 

But, I offer this token: an original watercolor painting by the talented Brooklyn artist Abbie Zuidema. A map showing the flight routes I took for those 16 months, one of Bill's favorite quotes, a note of thanks, and the things we loved in both places: the Olympic mountains in the west, the Williamsburg bridge in the east. To WestJet, thank you. (And thank you, Abbie J. Zuidema for the love you put into this project.) I've brought the painting to show my family, and then it's going on to WestJet offices in Calgary.”

-Joelle Hann

This map chronicled a life journey.  We all must face seemingly impossible challenges in our lives, and the passing of a loved one is something we all must experience.  This map was a testament to the grace of leaning into the challenges that life gives us. It’s about survival and abundance, even in the darkest moments.  As I was making this commission, I too was struggling with a loss I didn’t think I could bear. It was incredible to take part in documenting something so affirming.  Thank you Joelle for asking me to be a part of this.


Isness~a cinematic graphic novel by Abbie Zuidema

Stavit Allweis, asked me to contribute illustrations for her graphic novel, Isness.

It’s a bold, uninhibited graphic novel about a post-apocalyptic family, integrating live action photos with detail-drenched miniature environments.

She has dedicated years of her life to chronically working this project. It’s HUGE. I paid a visit to her studio & saw the diorama in real life. The details are astounding! She makes miniature sets, then photographically shoots them, then adds the actors into each scene-there are so many facets to each of environments.  It was inspiring.

The watercolors that follow are to be placed within the novel, as illustrations.  They were a treat to make.  Thank you Stavit!

You can learn more about this epic project at: www.facebook.com/sallweis and www.countercomics.com