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They Draw and Travel-100 maps & a brand new book! by Abbie Zuidema

"In 2011, the brother-and-sister design duo of Nate Padavick and Salli Swindell founded the website They Draw & Travel ( Today, it is the internet’s largest collection of illustrated maps created by artists from around the world.

This book contains 100 illustrated maps of places in the United States that were drawn by the fine artists, professional illustrators and amateur doodlers who make up the very creative community on They Draw & Travel. The illustrated maps in this book provide inspiration on many levels.

From a purely artistic standpoint, the variety of illustration styles is amazing. From the cool linework of James Gulliver Hancock and the painterly style of Abbie Zuidema to the sharp graphics of Nate Padavick and the cuteness of Aunyarat Watanabe, the illustrations in this book are a great reference for exceptional style and talent.

As a travelogue, these maps provide a fresh way to look at and learn about a particular place: through the eyes of an artist. Do you know where to go for a really great bike ride in Vermont? Did you know there are 36 places to eat cashew chicken in the town of Springfield, Missouri? Or, how about all the great things to do with kids in Los Angeles? This book takes armchair travel to a whole new artistic level!"

(thank you Nate Padavick, I couldn't have said it better myself!)

Get your copy on!  Perfect for a holiday gift!

Father's Day! Sailors Nautical Knots! by Abbie Zuidema

Father's Day, Sunday, June 15th, is right around the corner. 

Dads are notoriously the most difficult to buy for. Nautical knots are perfect gift!  They are fascinating. From the names of the individual knots, history, meaning & their function-I'm hooked.

I discovered The Ashley's Book of Knots, an incredible tome of a book that includes 4,000 knots! It blew my mind.

There are 4 different knots styles to choose from: Figure Eight Stoppers, Bowline, Sheepshank & True Lovers Knot (maybe not for Dad's day, but still quintessential). Or maybe you just need one for yourself.

All 4 knots are available in my Etsy shop. 

Each work on paper is drawn, then traced, then transferred to Fabriano watercolor paper via inkblot technique with India ink.  Individual knots are hand detailed with pen & ink, and finally filled with Dr. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Water Color. 5.5" x 7.5"

*Custom Commissions are available*

Don't be a Pansy! Happy Mother's Day! by Abbie Zuidema

For Mother's Day this year I made a series of Pansy ink blot paintings.

In France, the pansy is a flower that symbolizes remembrance, of loving memories.  What better way to express just how much you love your momma than with an original floral watercolor.

Vibrant watercolor pansies exude the essence of spring.  Limited edition of 10, on 300gm white satin Somerset paper, 5x7.5".

Each piece is unique, completed using blotted line technique.  This process is composed of 4 stages. There is the original drawing, a trace of that drawing & then an ink transfer onto Somerset paper. Watercolor is then hand applied to each piece.  It is labor of love.

 All the pansies sold out, but I am happy to make a custom order upon request through my Etsy shop.  You can also email me directly.

Lingerie Watercolors Prints on Etsy! by Abbie Zuidema

Presenting six select lingerie prints from my watercolor collection, Knickers & Things, available in my Etsy shop. Prints will be available for $35 apiece.

Inspired by the desire to make something beautiful & decadent, this collection is a celebration of materials.  They investigate the intricacies of each garments construction stitch by stitch, simultaneously celebrating the unique personality of each piece.   Traditionally admired by one & then discreetly tucked away in a drawer, in the form a painting, all can admire its beauty.

Framed prints are also available at Bibber & Bell Wine & Spirits in Williamsburg, BK.  Swing by! See some art & sample some delicious wine.

Wishing everyone the best.

Happy Gobble day!


Rakija! Will Rawls’ The Planet Eaters! 4 days left for Kickstarter! Only $500 to go! by Abbie Zuidema

Will Rawls, dancer/choreographer extraordinaire, has turned five years of work, research and travel in the Balkans into an incredible multi-disciplinary performance.  My one of a kind Rakija watercolor was created as a Kickstarter prize for Will Rawls’ performance “The Planet Eaters”.  Check out his Kickstarter & contribute! Only 4 days left & $500 to go!

I’ve focused on the traditional drink in the Balkans called Rakija "rah-kee-ah" a fire brandy made from plums, pears, apricots & other fruits. It is widely considered by many to be the national drink. Rakija is part of many special occasions, including baptisms, marriages, joining of the army, and visiting of friends.  It was terribly fun to make a messy, juicy painting full of color.  I am also tickled to be able to contribute to Wills incredible vision.

Check out his Kickstarter! Help him reach his goal! The money raised will go towards an interdisciplinary work re-configuring Balkan folklore as an intimate performance for dancer, Will Rawls, and musician, Chris Kuklis.  It will pay for costumes, materials, lighting design and for building a dance floor for the show. The theater has a concrete floor and there's lots of jumping in folk dance-Will needs to keep his knees…

New Prints up @Bibber & Bell Wine and Spirits! by Abbie Zuidema

Yehaw! Happy September! New prints are up at Bibber & Bell Wine and Spirit!  What a treat to be able to hang more work! A big thank you to Damien & Robyn for extending my artistic stay.

Art should be accessible to everyone, to be lived with & shared.  With that philosophy in mind, I have made some of my favorite watercolor paintings into prints.  Pieces from my collections of watercolor Maps, and Knickers & things, are available framed or individual. Unframed prints are $35 & framed prints are $70, priced for those of us with budget in mind.

If you haven’t had the chance to check out the Bibber & Bell you should.  Stop in & say hello. Peruse their fabulous wine selection. There are some delicious things to be sipped & had.

P.s. All the wine labels denoting region are made by yours truly.

P.p.s. Prints are available in my Etsy shop-just added New Mexico to the mix!

they draw & they Travel-Alaska Map by Abbie Zuidema

Exciting!!!  My Alaska map is front & center on "they draw & travel" website! Awesomeness.  TDAT showcases maps illustrated by artists from around the world.

I love what Nate & Salli are doing on "they draw & travel" & I am SO pleased to be able to be able to contribute. If you havent seen the website have a look. They also have a website, they draw & cook.

Gobble! Gobble! Mondays Projects by Abbie Zuidema

My friend Nina Lalli of  Mondays Projects asked me to do a collaboration! Love those. She wondered if I would be interested in painting a turkey onto a platter for a special order?  It was a unique request, that we emabarked upon with many failed & hilarious attempts. The end results however were a success! We are both pleased as punch! 

P.s. We are taking orders for this special Turkey Platter~ there are a few people patiently waiting already!

Aries-year of the of the black snake by Abbie Zuidema


One of my very best friends is having her first child. This watercolor was created for her shower invitation & as a gift for the expectant mother.  This painting was inspired by baby's birth sign, Aries & the Chinese year sign, Black Snake, it will be born under.  As for the rainbows and the fire, well, who can resist a little dramatic flair!

Archival prints are available @my Etsy shop for $35/$5 shipping. 

Diner Journal Issue #23-After Dinner by Abbie Zuidema

I am thrilled to work with Diner Journal.   It was an absolute delight to make paintings that celebrate the women of Saltie! Not only is the food amazing & inspiring-I love those women.  After our years at Diner together, I consider them family.

Three cheers all around!

P.s. Bon Appetit Magazine included Diner Journal in their 25 Food Trends for 2013, at #22 Indie Food Mags to Read.

P.s.s.  Saveur Magazine included Diner Journal as part of“16 Great Indie Food Magazines.”

saltie cover.jpg

*click on thumbnail to see a larger image*

Hillside Watercolor Menus! by Abbie Zuidema

As many of you know, Vinegar Hill House has a new neighbor, Hillside.  Already serving dinner & brunch, this week, Wednesday, September the 12th, it opens for lunch!

It is a welcome addition to the neighborhood; there isn't much to choose from in Dumbo for afternoon fare. The space is beautiful & airy: sunlight streaming in through big windows, huge ferns (creations of Fox Fodder Farm) hanging above wood tables & an espresso machine to get your fix.  My favorite part is the multicolored rainbow broom handles affixed to the underside of the bar. (that's a Sam Buffa find.)

Executive Chef Brian Leth does magic with the small plates served here.  Erica Ohrling makes sweets that dazzle you at the end of an already delicious meal.  Wine director Bill Fitch shares his treasures.  He is skilled at finding the unsung hero of delicious wine, often which are affordable to boot.  Jon Cammisa, a man with many tricks up his sleeves, designed the "Hillside" logo.

Owners Jean Adamson & Sam Buffa asked me to paint some watercolor menus for Hillside. Collaborating with them was wonderful.  One day Jean handed me a small change plate. On it was a reproduction of the painting "Arearea (Joyousness)" a Tahitian Gauguin painting made in 1892.  This was my color palette & my inspiration-perfect!  I love the work I made for this project, the watercolor sings & I am so pleased with the collection.

Go on a fall adventure, pretend you aren't in the city, take a bike ride & have some lunch at Hillside~70 Hudson Ave.


Ahoy! Far Rockaway! by Abbie Zuidema

This is the watercolor painting of the Far Rockaway that was made for Edible Queens, Issue 12, Summer 2012.

Featured in "Best of the Boardwalk" this watercolor map showcases some of my most favorite people on the beach.  Motorboat & the Big Banana, DiCosmos, Rockaway Taco, Rippers, Connolly’s, Veggie Island/And Coffee & Caracas. There are so many delicious things to eat!  It was a so much fun to make!

The Rockaways is special place for us.  My husband Josh has been surfing out there for years. Better yet it’s where his mom & dad fell in love. Janet & Harvey (his parents) spent summers out there with their families back in the day. They stayed in the bungalows, hung out on the boardwalk & played on the beach.

It’s so awesome that we get to continue the tradition & spend some quality time out there. If you need an adventure take a ride & end up at the beach. It’s worth the trip. 

~Rockaway prints are available @my Esty shop~

My lunch at Etsy by Abbie Zuidema

Last week I had the opportunity to go to the Esty headquarters. My old friend Matt came into Vinegar Hill House for dinner the other night & invited me over to Esty to have lunch. But of course! How cool to pay a visit! I had no idea what to expect.

I signed in & was given a name tag. I dutifully filled it out & then looked at it…suddenly I felt too dorky to actually wear it. I stuffed it in my back pocket instead and said hello to Matt. He greeted me with a smile & warm reception. He is so nice! After you pass the front desk there is nothing typical about this office setting. Etsy redefines community of working people.

It was lunch time & people were lining up to tuck into some serious eats.  A baked potato bar extravaganza!  Everything you could possibly imagine was there, from broccoli to bacon, chives & swirly butter pats. There was also soup and salad options & don’t forget the cookies!

As we cruised the office to find a place to eat, there was lots of cool stuff to look at. Art adorned the space; paintings were hung and painted directly on the wall. There was color and activity everywhere. The place was abuzz. The office was filled with light,  lots of wood desks, plants, and computers. A mannequin stood poised, dressed, waiting for it’s photo shoot.  A little dog patrolled the lunch tables hoping to steal off with a potato skin.

We found a table & were joined by Emily & Josh who also work at Etsy. They are all old friends & some of the first people I met in NYC.  It’s so awesome that they get to work together. We chatted about restaurants and ideas & things that we are excited about. Laughed about some of the crazier places we had been in our lives & where our travels had taken us. I rattled off some of the potential maps I wanted to make: Colorado, Fire Island, Paris, Detroit, New Orleans, so many, the possibilities are endless.  It was an inspiring visit! It was so nice to be able to have lunch together.  Good idea Matt! I am looking forward to more visits from Etsy friends at Vinegar Hill House & Hillside.  I grabbed a cookie on the way out & let my mind wander to new places!

Carlsbad, 62 years in the same house-a very special commission. by Abbie Zuidema

I just finished this commission for my good friend Marina Trejo! It's celebrating the decades that her grandparents have spent in California. From both being born in 1921 in Pasadena, married in 1942 & then living in the same house in Carlsbad for 62 years! Amazing! Three cheers to their legacy. I feel pretty special I got to bear witness.