Vinegar Hill House

Potters in Protest - March 11th, 2019 by Abbie Zuidema

A Charity Event by Helen Levi and Vinegar Hill House.

Monday, March 11th, VHH will be hosting a charity event dinner-Potters in Protest. This sumi ink painting was created especially for this occasion. I am happy to donate my work to a great cause! Seatings are available from 6pm to 9pm. You can buy tickets HERE.

“As people who give a shit, we are coming together in an effort to support organizations who stand for human rights.  We will be gathering for a humble meal of beans and homemade bread by Rick Easton to eat out of your chosen ceramic bowl, graciously donated from ceramicists around the country.  Wine will be provided by Wenzlau Vineyards.

Proceeds will be donated to the organizations UnLocal and Showing Up For Racial Justice

vhh bowls sumi ink.jpg

VHH Foods Dumbo Brooklyn by Abbie Zuidema

VHH Foods & Vinegar Hill House

Red ribbons & logo watercolors for Vinegar Hill House. Happy Holidays!

December is upon us and VHH commissioned me to create custom work to ring in the season!

VHH Foods is an all day cafe in DUMBO with yummy takeaway.  They make delicious food that I always want to eat by Jean Adamson.  Paired with an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline, waterviews & Jane's Carousel, it's an adventure worth having.

Quality food without the formality of fine dining.

happy holidays red bow.jpg



Wowzer! I'm in Manrepeller! by Abbie Zuidema

Celebrating 20+ years of waitressing! The time flew... I'm featured as one of the 5 servers in Man RepellerTelling tales from my times at Aquagrill, Diner, Il Buco, Vinegar Hill House & currently Cherry Point.  Pretty wild to reflect on all those years.

Thanks to Haley Nahman for bringing all the stories together & Man Repeller for the opportunity to tell my tales.  Big thanks to photographer Patrice Helmar for capturing me at Cherry Point.

Hillside Watercolor Menus! by Abbie Zuidema

As many of you know, Vinegar Hill House has a new neighbor, Hillside.  Already serving dinner & brunch, this week, Wednesday, September the 12th, it opens for lunch!

It is a welcome addition to the neighborhood; there isn't much to choose from in Dumbo for afternoon fare. The space is beautiful & airy: sunlight streaming in through big windows, huge ferns (creations of Fox Fodder Farm) hanging above wood tables & an espresso machine to get your fix.  My favorite part is the multicolored rainbow broom handles affixed to the underside of the bar. (that's a Sam Buffa find.)

Executive Chef Brian Leth does magic with the small plates served here.  Erica Ohrling makes sweets that dazzle you at the end of an already delicious meal.  Wine director Bill Fitch shares his treasures.  He is skilled at finding the unsung hero of delicious wine, often which are affordable to boot.  Jon Cammisa, a man with many tricks up his sleeves, designed the "Hillside" logo.

Owners Jean Adamson & Sam Buffa asked me to paint some watercolor menus for Hillside. Collaborating with them was wonderful.  One day Jean handed me a small change plate. On it was a reproduction of the painting "Arearea (Joyousness)" a Tahitian Gauguin painting made in 1892.  This was my color palette & my inspiration-perfect!  I love the work I made for this project, the watercolor sings & I am so pleased with the collection.

Go on a fall adventure, pretend you aren't in the city, take a bike ride & have some lunch at Hillside~70 Hudson Ave.