Potters in Protest - March 11th, 2019 / by Abbie Zuidema

A Charity Event by Helen Levi and Vinegar Hill House.

Monday, March 11th, VHH will be hosting a charity event dinner-Potters in Protest. This sumi ink painting was created especially for this occasion. I am happy to donate my work to a great cause! Seatings are available from 6pm to 9pm. You can buy tickets HERE.

“As people who give a shit, we are coming together in an effort to support organizations who stand for human rights.  We will be gathering for a humble meal of beans and homemade bread by Rick Easton to eat out of your chosen ceramic bowl, graciously donated from ceramicists around the country.  Wine will be provided by Wenzlau Vineyards.

Proceeds will be donated to the organizations UnLocal and Showing Up For Racial Justice

vhh bowls sumi ink.jpg