Father's Day! Sailors Nautical Knots! by Abbie Zuidema

Father's Day, Sunday, June 15th, is right around the corner. 

Dads are notoriously the most difficult to buy for. Nautical knots are perfect gift!  They are fascinating. From the names of the individual knots, history, meaning & their function-I'm hooked.

I discovered The Ashley's Book of Knots, an incredible tome of a book that includes 4,000 knots! It blew my mind.

There are 4 different knots styles to choose from: Figure Eight Stoppers, Bowline, Sheepshank & True Lovers Knot (maybe not for Dad's day, but still quintessential). Or maybe you just need one for yourself.

All 4 knots are available in my Etsy shop. 

Each work on paper is drawn, then traced, then transferred to Fabriano watercolor paper via inkblot technique with India ink.  Individual knots are hand detailed with pen & ink, and finally filled with Dr. Martin’s Radiant Concentrated Water Color. 5.5" x 7.5"

*Custom Commissions are available*