APIECE APART collab with Jean Adamson of Vinegar Hill House NYC / by Abbie Zuidema

THRILLED!  A collaboration with APiece APart & Jean Adamson chef/owner of Vinegar Hill House.  Have a look here! To celebrate the transition from one season into the next, APiece APart asked asked their friend Jean Adamson — talented chef and the owner of favorite Brooklyn spots like Vinegar Hill House and VHH Foods — to create a special end-of-summer recipe.

My watermelon watercolors were custom requests to accompany the recipe. I love illustrating recipes, collaborations are just the BEST. It all looks terrific together! Thank you everyone. 

Take a moment & have a peek ~ Watermelon & Mozzarella Salad 

Source: https://www.apieceapart.com/notes-apart-wa...