Rakija! Will Rawls’ The Planet Eaters! 4 days left for Kickstarter! Only $500 to go! by Abbie Zuidema

Will Rawls, dancer/choreographer extraordinaire, has turned five years of work, research and travel in the Balkans into an incredible multi-disciplinary performance.  My one of a kind Rakija watercolor was created as a Kickstarter prize for Will Rawls’ performance “The Planet Eaters”.  Check out his Kickstarter & contribute! Only 4 days left & $500 to go!

I’ve focused on the traditional drink in the Balkans called Rakija "rah-kee-ah" a fire brandy made from plums, pears, apricots & other fruits. It is widely considered by many to be the national drink. Rakija is part of many special occasions, including baptisms, marriages, joining of the army, and visiting of friends.  It was terribly fun to make a messy, juicy painting full of color.  I am also tickled to be able to contribute to Wills incredible vision.

Check out his Kickstarter! Help him reach his goal! The money raised will go towards an interdisciplinary work re-configuring Balkan folklore as an intimate performance for dancer, Will Rawls, and musician, Chris Kuklis.  It will pay for costumes, materials, lighting design and for building a dance floor for the show. The theater has a concrete floor and there's lots of jumping in folk dance-Will needs to keep his knees…