watercolor painting

Extreme Kids & Crew Gala Commission by Abbie Zuidema

Donate to dance! 
When you give to Extreme Kids & Crew you get invited to the Felix Award Gala!
  Extreme Kids & Crew is a welcoming community center where children with disABILITIES, their friends, and their families, socialize, create and play. Together families share resources, stories, tears, and laughter while children play and take part in inclusive arts programming that is open to all members of the family.

May 19th ~ Give to the campaign & GO to the Gala!

Extreme Kids and & Crew enlisted me to design and paint the invitation & banner for the Felix Award Gala.  It was a pleasure to collaborate with them.  I can't wait for the Gala!!

Summer Studio Sale! June 1st, 2-8pm by Abbie Zuidema

I am thrilled to announce a Summer Studio Sale!

The archives are getting sorted and paintings & drawings will be available at 20-30% off.  Bibber & Bell is graciously hosting my opening-there will be delicious wine to taste & 10 years worth of art.

Original maps, knickers & things, wine paintings, drawings, rainbows, mehndi, watercolor fragments, food paintings, silverware and more . . . .

Saturday, June 1st, 2-8pm

Bibber & Bell
418 Union Ave
btwn Devoe & Ainslie St.

Located on the North Side of Williamsburg, Bibber & Bell Wine and Spirits was recently established by two of my very favorite people, Robyn Semien & Damien Graef.  The shop is lovely, an oasis from the city, stocked with wines that delight any palate.  Just pop out of the Lorimer stop of the L Train in Williamsburg & say hello.

Drink wine & buy art!

All the proceeds of the sales go towards Freelancers Union Health Insurance-with enough sales I qualify!  Yehaw!

Fashion-the Wild by Abbie Zuidema

Recently I was interviewed for the Wild.  How cool. Fashion & Art!  I wracked my brain for answers to questions like, "Who would you like to go on a tete a tete?" & "What is on your life to do list?"  Some of my answers surprised me. It's not a bad practice for all of us to do every once and a while.  I highly recommend it.

Oh, & the answer to: "What is my Wild wish?"

not to be a starving artist.

Hillside Watercolor Menus! by Abbie Zuidema

As many of you know, Vinegar Hill House has a new neighbor, Hillside.  Already serving dinner & brunch, this week, Wednesday, September the 12th, it opens for lunch!

It is a welcome addition to the neighborhood; there isn't much to choose from in Dumbo for afternoon fare. The space is beautiful & airy: sunlight streaming in through big windows, huge ferns (creations of Fox Fodder Farm) hanging above wood tables & an espresso machine to get your fix.  My favorite part is the multicolored rainbow broom handles affixed to the underside of the bar. (that's a Sam Buffa find.)

Executive Chef Brian Leth does magic with the small plates served here.  Erica Ohrling makes sweets that dazzle you at the end of an already delicious meal.  Wine director Bill Fitch shares his treasures.  He is skilled at finding the unsung hero of delicious wine, often which are affordable to boot.  Jon Cammisa, a man with many tricks up his sleeves, designed the "Hillside" logo.

Owners Jean Adamson & Sam Buffa asked me to paint some watercolor menus for Hillside. Collaborating with them was wonderful.  One day Jean handed me a small change plate. On it was a reproduction of the painting "Arearea (Joyousness)" a Tahitian Gauguin painting made in 1892.  This was my color palette & my inspiration-perfect!  I love the work I made for this project, the watercolor sings & I am so pleased with the collection.

Go on a fall adventure, pretend you aren't in the city, take a bike ride & have some lunch at Hillside~70 Hudson Ave.