Far Rockaway

Fashion-the Wild by Abbie Zuidema

Recently I was interviewed for the Wild.  How cool. Fashion & Art!  I wracked my brain for answers to questions like, "Who would you like to go on a tete a tete?" & "What is on your life to do list?"  Some of my answers surprised me. It's not a bad practice for all of us to do every once and a while.  I highly recommend it.

Oh, & the answer to: "What is my Wild wish?"

not to be a starving artist.

Sandy Relief & Waves4Water by Abbie Zuidema

Thank you everyone!  We raised $630 from the Etsy Rockaway Map sales!!  Your generous contributions helped make this happen! Thank you! So awesome.

100% of the sales have been donated to the Waves4Water fundraiser Rockaway Renegades.  Waves4Water works on the front-line to provide clean water to communities in need around the world. To learn more go to: http://www.wavesforwater.org

The Rockaway Renegades are an all volunteer based, direct action group committed to the cleanup and relief effort currently underway in the Rockaways following the devastation left behind by Hurricane Sandy.  To learn more about the awesome work the Rockaway Renegades are doing: www.rockawayrenegades.com.  Take a second & LIKE them on Facebook!

Thank you again for your support! Sandy is still affecting so many people’s lives. Your contribution makes a difference.

Ahoy! Far Rockaway! by Abbie Zuidema

This is the watercolor painting of the Far Rockaway that was made for Edible Queens, Issue 12, Summer 2012.

Featured in "Best of the Boardwalk" this watercolor map showcases some of my most favorite people on the beach.  Motorboat & the Big Banana, DiCosmos, Rockaway Taco, Rippers, Connolly’s, Veggie Island/And Coffee & Caracas. There are so many delicious things to eat!  It was a so much fun to make!

The Rockaways is special place for us.  My husband Josh has been surfing out there for years. Better yet it’s where his mom & dad fell in love. Janet & Harvey (his parents) spent summers out there with their families back in the day. They stayed in the bungalows, hung out on the boardwalk & played on the beach.

It’s so awesome that we get to continue the tradition & spend some quality time out there. If you need an adventure take a ride & end up at the beach. It’s worth the trip. 

~Rockaway prints are available @my Esty shop~