STARBUCKS~Huge India Ink watercolor Maps! / by Abbie Zuidema

Starbucks ~ Thrilling news!!!  
Biggest project to date!!
Starbucks enlisted me to paint 3 large scale maps of coffee growing regions:  Asia/Pacific, Africa and Indonesia. These large scale watercolor maps are 3 x 3 feet big.  

Each letter, and all the writing on these map was done by my hand.  Each stroke of the pen reflects who I am as an artist. As a result, the lettering is highly expressive with a distinctly unique style.

The Sumatran tiger was completed using Inkblot technique, creating the markings on the coat and face.  Inkblot creates an expressive uncontrolled mark. It's incredibly laborious but well worth the effort, resulting in deep, rich, expressive lines.  This technique was the finishing touch on all the maps created for Starbucks.

The maps will be installed in Starbucks across the country.

{Details of these paintings can be seen at}