Brian Lehrer show

I got to be on NPR with Brian Lehrer-no really, it's true! by Abbie Zuidema

As many of you know, I sumbitted my Little Thailand map to the Brian Lehrer show.  In addition to having my entry accepted & map published on the WNYC website, I was also asked to be on the show. LIVE. ON AIR.

How cool is that?!

I was thrilled and really nervous. Yesterday, I spent the morning preping, which included note cards & the Little Thailnad map on hand just in case... who knew what 5 minutes on air might bring?  I was just going to pretend that I was waiting on a really, really, VIP customer at the restaurant. If I could wait on Bjork-I could talk to Brian for 5 minutes.

I sat at my desk, phone in hand, waiting on hold until my moment came. I could hear the show happening in my phone, listening to Brian speak to the woman who made the map into a quilt. I was trying NOT to be nervous, just to keep breathing.

Then I was being introduced, kind of, Brian couldn't pronounce my last name, which was hilarioius. I was just relieved when he tried to say it right & not settle on the butchered version. It eneded up being a hilarious part of the exchange btween us. Especially when I couldnt say "emblem".  ha!

What an expereince.  5 minutes of fame on NPR. So awesome.